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Course essentials

Pilgrim is now an emeritus associate professor and no longer teaches Journalism 207.

However, this site provides a sample syllabus and useful resources. They will remain available for a time.

Sample J207 newswriting syllabus
Also, see the Journalism Department master J207 syllabus on the department home page

Guidelines for writing leads
Some rules for beginners about how to write news leads

Hints for writing news stories
A handout explaining news values and giving suggestions for writing news stories

Keys for journalistic writing
Six essentials for good writing

Online writing resources

Jakob Nielsen on inverted pyramid in cyberspace

Jakob Nielsen on succinctness and Web writing

The Web and how readers use it -- Nielsen

The Web and reader use II -- Nielsen

Research, writing and basics help

Online Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
A good source of word power -- J207 uses Webster's but students who consider themselves to be "bad spellers" may find extra help from resources at sites such as Google, TheFreeDictionary or Bing.

An online "Elements of Style" resource
Help from a classic

University of Oregon help with basics
A resource tied to "When Words Collide," a required J207 resource

Ron Hartung and Gerald Grow's Newsroom101.com
A site with exercises in grammar, usage and AP style

A site with resources that include useful J207 links for help with writing, interviewing, fact-checking AP, law and ethics

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