Journalism 190

Week 10
summaries & lecture-related material

United States share in 2011 of the global sale of military weapons -- 78%
-- Seattle Times, Aug. 27, 2012

Percentage change since 2000 in the U.S. Defense budget, not counting Iraq & Afghanistan wars -- + 80%
-- Harper's Index, March 2011

Myths regarding a free & independepent press
Michael Parenti's assertions about why people can think the the press acts in a open, unchecked manner even though corporate owners dominate
Edward Herman's assertions about illiberal media
Some arguments by Edward Herman on why American media may not be all that liberal
Last-day response
This will be done in class on Wednesday -- and worth 5 pts.
J190 survey
This will be done in class on Wednesday.

No summary of "Jon Stewart on humor and an informed public" will be posted. Take note of Stewart's assertions about the role of humor in democracy -- as a way to have hope and make a difference.

No summary of "Project Censored" will be posted. Note the importance of the examples of the news stories uncovered by mainstream media.
Regarding the Cassini story in "Project Censored," the NASA Mars Rover (named Curiosity) launched Nov. 25, 2011, carried 10.6 pounds of plutonium dioxide (Plutonium 238 -- half life 87.74 years; total life 880 years until it becomes uranium-234, which will have 244,120 more years to decay until it reaches its first halflife and becomes thorium-230 -- by the time it becomes radioactive lead, 3,220,950 years will have passed) as Curiosity's means of power. Nuclear power replaced solar power aboard the craft.

In 2006, NASA launched New Horizons on a mission to Pluto. The probe carried about 24 pounds of plutonium.

And, as noted in this video, in 1977 Cassini carred 73 pounds of plutonium.

Regarding the rBGH milk story in "Project Censored," Steve Wilson and Jane Akre received an environmental award:
Akre and Wilson win Goldman Award

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