Journalism 190

Week 2
summaries & lecture-related material

"The saving of our world from pending doom will come not through the complacent adjustment of the conforming majority, but through the creative maladjustment of a non-conformist minority." -- Martin Luther King

Civic obligations of the press
Responsibilities of the press, according to the 1980 Canadian Royal Commisssion on Newspapers
Criteria of quality newspapers
Characteristics that outstanding papers have, according to Leo Bogart's research
Newspaper concepts from Pilgrim
Some main ideas and terms about newspapers from Pilgrim's lectures
Bagdikian's Chapters 4 and 5
Imporant assertions in "(Not) All the news that's fit to print" and "All the news that fits" -- assigned for this week and Week 3 (this material will be reposted for Week 3)
Pilgrim on theory
Pilgrim's lecture on an array of mass communication theoretical considerations
Gender, diversity and media
Pilgrim's lecture and supplemental material about the role of women and other minority groups underrepresented or "symbolically annihilated" by American media

No summary of "Killing Us Softly 4" will be posted. Note Killbourne's points about objectifiction, importance of taking advertising seriously and arguments about popular culture and its relationship to sexism and gender violence. Note the concepts of "objectification" and "silencing." Among possible solutions she mentions are 1) awareness of the ads (as a primary part of our cultural environment), 2) media literacy education, 3) rejection of the use of digitally altered women, 4) more stories and portrayals of women as they really are, 5) change the cultural environment, and 6) become active as citizens

No summary of "Money for Nothing" will be posted. Note the concepts "synergy" (see McChesney Week 1 material), "hypercommercialism" of culture and "cross-media marketing." Also, note the "four gatekeepers" of popular music and the "alternatives" McChesney suggests that would help the music industry.

No summary of "Generation M: misogyny in media and culture" will be posted. Note how negative definitions of feminity (and attitudes of hate toward women) get constructed in popular culture, the "hyper-sexualization of commercial products" (aimed at girls), and the consequences (for society, males and females) of misogyny.

Urls with lists of banned books and discussions on this extreme form of abridging freedom of speech:
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Banned Books Online (by The Online Books Page from --
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