Journalism 190

Week 6
summaries & lecture-related material

Entertainment is the best propaganda, according to Joseph Paul Goebbels, Nazi minister of propaganda, fervent believer in video as the most important medium to achieve propaganda purposes.

Pilgrim on culture and PR
Pilgrim's lecture material about PR -- and about American culture, blurring of fact and fiction, docudramas, and hegemony
Press accuracy ratings drop
Pew Research Center findings about press accuracy
"New Media Monopoly" Chapter 7
Some important points in Bagdikian's Chapter 7
Amusing Ourselves to Death, Chapter 7
Some important points in Neil Postman's chapter about television's impact on culture
Amusing Ourselves to Death, Chapter 9
Some important points in Neil Postman's chapter called "Reach Out and Elect Someone"
Advertising and the End of the World -- a summary
Pilgrim's notes on this video examining some more dire consequences of a consumer society propelled by advertising [Bill McKibben, cited in this video and also author of "Eaarth," "Deep Economy" and "The End of Nature," spoke in Bellingham in 2011 and urged activism against a proposed terminal for shipping coal]

No summary of "Toxic Sludge is Good for You," will be posted. Take good notes, especially on concepts such as "VNR," "third-party advocacy," "front groups," "autrocity drive" (to sell wars), "silencing debate," "crisis management," and note Public Relation's view of media.
[FYI, regarding the example of Gulf War I propaganda by Hill and Knowlton (H&K), H&K executive Victoria Clark became Pentagon spokeswoman for Gulf War II.]

No summary of "The Billionaire's Tea Party" will be posted. Take notes on arguments in the video. Note especially how the PR techniques (front groups, third-party advocacy, etc.) detailed in "Toxic Sludge is Good for you" and propaganda are effectively used.

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