Journalism 190

Week 7
summaries & lecture-related material

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts." -- Daniel Patrick Moynihan

University of Michigan maps and cartograms of the U.S. presidential election results in 2016
An example of how mainstream media simplify by using visuals
"Amusing Ourselves to Death," Chapter 10
Important points from Postman's chapter titled,"Teaching as an Amusing Activity"
"Amusing Ourselves to Death," Chapter 11
Important points from Postman's final chapter titled,"The Huxleyean Warning"

No Web summary of "No Logo" will be posted. Students should take good notes, especially on the concepts of "lifestyle branding," "no logo," "brand tribes," "brand bombing," "silent censorship" and "Nike paradigm," along with the answer to the problem -- "brand-based investigative activism." [Naomi Klein, featured in this video and author of "Shock Doctrine," spoke in Bellingham a few years ago. Klein's 2017 book NO IS NOT ENOUGH makes a strong argument of "how racisim and mysogyny are used as potent tools to enforce a system that further enriches the already obscenely wealthy on the backs of both people and planet" -- and also offers many ways citizens can battle back.]

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