Pilgrim's democracy resource list -- alternative media

American cat Explore the sites listed for information outside corporate American mainstream media -- especially for news about media -- and for ways to become involved, politically, culturally and socially.

This list does NOT include mainstream media outlets, nor does it include those oriented to "fake news" or "truthiness."

350.org -- a global movement to solve the climate crisis
Action Coalition for Media Change
Adbusters -- working against advertising
Aljazeera -- online material from the Arab TV network
AlterNet -- an issue-focused magazine
Alternet.org -- a source of alternative news
American Newspeak--Wayne Grytting's e-zine
American Civil Liberties Union
Amnesty International
Anti-war dot com
American Press Institute
The Atlantic wire
Bloomberg Billionaires: Today's ranking of the world's richest people

Cascadia Weekly
Center for Public Integrity
Center for Responsive Politics
Commercial Alert -- protecting communities from commercialism
The Community -- with links to sites like Amnesty International
Common Cause -- Citizens working against special interest and for reform government
Common Dreams
Corporate Watch -- doing just that
Counter Punch -- "America's best political newsletter"
Crosscut.com -- News of the Seattle area

Democracy Now
Der Spiegel
FactCheck.org -- nonpartisan site aimed at reducing deception & confusion in U.S. politics
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
FairWarning -- news of safety, health & corporate conduct
FlackCheck.org -- using parody & humor to debunk false political ads
freeculture.org -- students for free culture
Freepress -- working to craft policies for more democratic media
Free Speech TV -- a progressive & independent TV & multimedia network
Full Fact

Gathering of Nations -- promotes Native American culture and tradition
Grist -- a beacon in the smog
Global Footprint Network -- advancing sustainability
Good Jobs First -- a resource for grass roots groups
Green America -- growing the green economy
Gregory Palast -- British media critic
Greenstone Media -- radio news and blog
Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action
Guerrilla News Network

Helen Caldicott, MD
High Country News -- for people who care about the West
Information Clearing House --- a one-person alternative news site
Independent media center -- a grassroots, noncorporate news coverage
Investigate West
Institute for Public Accuracy
In These Times -- independent news and views
InZane Times
Iraq Body Count -- still counting
Jim Romensko's MediaNews -- media opinion and alternative weekly links
Knowmore.org -- find what your purchases support
The Konformist
KUGS -- 89.3 radio
Livingeconomies.org --Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

MediaChannel.org -- global network for democratic media
MediaMatters for America
Media Report to Women
Media Tenor -- an international media research site
Media Watch -- the U.S. anti-media-sexism site
Michael Moore's resources & links
Middle East Report
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Mother Jones -- a progressive magazine
MoveOn.org -- nonpartisan education

The Nation -- a progressive magazine
National Organization for women
Newslink -- links to American and world newspapers and other media
Nomorefakenews.com -- news reported by Jon Rappoport
Northwest Citizen -- Internet News for Whatcom County
OccupyWallStreet -- the revolution
Ocean Conservancy -- starting a sea change
One Minute for Peace
OpenSecrets.org -- tracking money's effects on U.S. elections and public policy
Open the Government -- a site that fights government secrecy

The Persuaders -- from PBS Frontline
PEW Research Center -- numbers, facts and trends shaping the world
Project Censored -- news that goes uncovered by mainstream media
ProPublica -- journalism in the public interest
Progressive Review
PR Watch
Public Knowledge
PublicCitizen -- defending democracy, resisting corporate power
Radio.com -- CBS site for online & internet radio stations
Responsible Shopper -- being consumer saavy
Responsible Wealth
Reuters News Service
Reveal News -- Center for Investigative Reporting

Save the Internet
Smells Like Human Spirit (features Noam Chomsky and Michael Parenti interviews -- and Pilgrim interviews #25 & #86)
Source Watch -- a Center for Media & Democracy project
Snopes.com -- researching rumors
Stop Big Media
Sunlight Foundation -- making government accountable

Take Back the American Dream
Take Part
Too Much -- a commentary on excess and inequality
Trendsmap -- real-time mapping of Twitter trends
Union of Concerned Scientists
United for Peace
Utne Reader -- a dead-on progressive magazine
Voice of Sandiego.org
Vision of Humanity -- a site of peace and sustainability
Vote Smart Center

Walmart Watch -- making change
The Week
Whatcom Watch -- a local resource
A World Resource with Peacenet, Womensnet, Econet, etc.
Yes Magazine -- a journal of positive futures
Znet -- a community of people committed to social change -- from Z Communications

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Updated January 2017