Pilgrim's democracy resource list -- alternative media

American cat Explore the sites listed for information outside corporate American mainstream media -- especially for news about media -- and for ways to become involved, politically, culturally and socially.

This list does NOT include mainstream media outlets, nor does it include those oriented to "fake news" or "truthiness."
"I won't apologize for the United States of America, ever -- I don't care what the facts are."
-- Former President George H.W. Busch
350.org -- a global movement to solve the climate crisis
Action Coalition for Media Change
Adbusters -- working against advertising
Aljazeera -- online material from the Arab TV network
AlterNet -- an issue-focused magazine
Alternet.org -- a source of alternative news
American Newspeak--Wayne Grytting's e-zine
American Civil Liberties Union
Amnesty International
Anti-war dot com
American Press Institute
The Atlantic wire
Bloomberg Billionaires: Today's ranking of the world's richest people

Cascadia Weekly
Center for Public Integrity
Center for Responsive Politics
Commercial Alert -- protecting communities from commercialism
The Community -- with links to sites like Amnesty International
Common Cause -- Citizens working against special interest and for reform government
Common Dreams
Corporate Watch -- doing just that
Counter Punch -- "America's best political newsletter"
Crosscut.com -- News of the Seattle area

Democracy Now
Der Spiegel
FactCheck.org -- nonpartisan site aimed at reducing deception & confusion in U.S. politics
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
FairWarning -- news of safety, health & corporate conduct
FlackCheck.org -- using parody & humor to debunk false political ads
freeculture.org -- students for free culture
Freepress -- working to craft policies for more democratic media
Free Speech TV -- a progressive & independent TV & multimedia network
Full Fact

Gathering of Nations -- promotes Native American culture and tradition
Grist -- a beacon in the smog
Global Footprint Network -- advancing sustainability
Good Jobs First -- a resource for grass roots groups
Green America -- growing the green economy
Gregory Palast -- British media critic
Greenstone Media -- radio news and blog
Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action
Guerrilla News Network

Helen Caldicott, MD
High Country News -- for people who care about the West
Information Clearing House --- a one-person alternative news site
Independent media center -- a grassroots, noncorporate news coverage
Investigate West
Institute for Public Accuracy
In These Times -- independent news and views
InZane Times
Iraq Body Count -- still counting
Jim Romensko's MediaNews -- media opinion and alternative weekly links
Knowmore.org -- find what your purchases support
The Konformist
KUGS -- 89.3 radio
Livingeconomies.org --Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

MediaChannel.org -- global network for democratic media
MediaMatters for America
Media Report to Women
Media Tenor -- an international media research site
Media Watch -- the U.S. anti-media-sexism site
Michael Moore's resources & links
Middle East Report
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Mother Jones -- a progressive magazine
MoveOn.org -- nonpartisan education

The Nation -- a progressive magazine
National Organization for women
National Priorities Project
Newslink -- links to American and world newspapers and other media
A site for Naoimi KLein's NO IS NOT ENOUGH
Nomorefakenews.com -- news reported by Jon Rappoport
Northwest Citizen -- Internet News for Whatcom County
OccupyWallStreet -- the revolution
Ocean Conservancy -- starting a sea change
One Minute for Peace
OpenSecrets.org -- tracking money's effects on U.S. elections and public policy
Open the Government -- a site that fights government secrecy

The Persuaders -- from PBS Frontline
PEW Research Center -- numbers, facts and trends shaping the world
Project Censored -- news that goes uncovered by mainstream media
ProPublica -- journalism in the public interest
Progressive Review
PR Watch
Public Knowledge
PublicCitizen -- defending democracy, resisting corporate power
Radio.com -- CBS site for online & internet radio stations
Responsible Shopper -- being consumer saavy
Responsible Wealth
Reuters News Service
Reveal News -- Center for Investigative Reporting
Riveters Collective -- progressive action for Whatcom and surrounding counties, Washington state

Save the Internet
Smells Like Human Spirit (features Noam Chomsky and Michael Parenti interviews -- and Pilgrim interviews #25 & #86)
Source Watch -- a Center for Media & Democracy project
Snopes.com -- researching rumors
Stop Big Media
Sunlight Foundation -- making government accountable

Take Back the American Dream
Take Part
Too Much -- a commentary on excess and inequality
Trendsmap -- real-time mapping of Twitter trends
Union of Concerned Scientists
United for Peace
Utne Reader -- a dead-on progressive magazine
Voice of Sandiego.org
Vision of Humanity -- a site of peace and sustainability
Vote Smart Center

Walmart Watch -- making change
The Week
Whatcom Watch -- a local resource
A World Resource with Peacenet, Womensnet, Econet, etc.
Yes Magazine -- a journal of positive futures
Znet -- a community of people committed to social change -- from Z Communications

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Updated March 2018