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Journalism 190 -- Online discussion groups

Discussion for points -- during Week 8 & 9

Pilgrim is not teaching J190 beginning Fall 2013, so the online discussion material below is now an example of how students were facilitated in their communication by not using Blackboard -- or other similar teaching software (like Canvas or Angel).

In the groups listed near the bottom, students will be making "online discussion" entries ONLY during Week 8 and 9. Each student will be assigned to a group listed below -- and MUST respond INITIALLY in that group to Pilgrim's question by midnight on Tuesday of Week 8.

For each entry, students should compose a thoughtful entry of at least 7 sentences in lenght (on a personal computer using a program like Word or Text Edit). It is important that the entry be organized, supported and forceful. Students should save their entry so that it can be pasted into their assigned group.
Students must make THREE total entries prior to TUESDAY MIDNIGHT IN WEEK 9. The first entry (worth up to 25 points) is the response to Pilgrim's question. The second and third entries (also worth up to 25 points each) are responses to another student (or to other students) within the assigned group. Total points possible: 75.

After reading responses by others to Pilgrim's question and thinking about them, a student should choose to respond to an entry that interests her or him. This will continue throughout the discussion period. Over the two weeks, students should log about 8-10 hours of reading, thinking and responding to Pilgrim and others in their group.

Pilgrim will begin the discussion by posting a question Monday of Week 8. All students MUST RESPOND to this question with a FAT PARAGRAPH (seven sentences or more).

To get credit, TWO other responses must be spread over Week 8 & 9 -- NO MORE THAN 1 ENTRY FOR CREDIT ON ANY ONE DAY (midnight to midnight). Entries for credit be made within the assigned discussion group.

On the entries intended for grading, students should place the number (1, 2, 3) of the response after the name. (For example, Pilgrim, tim 1 or Pilgrim, tim 2 or Pilgrim, tim 3).

Up to 15 points are awarded for a shorter entry; No points are awarded for no entry, extra entries, late entries and entries in other groups.

Students should strive for civility of which Alexander Meiklejohn would be proud.

Good thinking and discussing! Remember, be civil; no name-calling (people are good -- their ideas may invoke your disdain and, thus, may be taken to task by your cogent rebuttal using irony, satire, etc.).

Sorry, no makeups or extra points; no points for a first entry after Tuesday midnight; no points for a second entry during any one day.

How to post an entry for online discussion and the final analysis:

1. Click on your group and log in as required. Read the question there -- or, later, other responses. Decide on what to respond to and what to say. (Remember, your first entry will be a response to Pilgrim's posted question -- and in Week 10 to another question from Pilgrim.)

11 2. Within your group, click REPLY -- never click "post." (You will always be replying -- either to Pilgrim or others in your group.)

3. In the name blank, TYPE YOUR LAST NAME, then first name, THEN 1, 2 OR 3 (to indicate which of the 3 entries you are making).

3. TYPE A TITLE to your response on the subject line. (Make your title appealing and informative (for example, Stereotyping of women is a crime, etc.).

4. Paste or type your essay into the box. (It is better for students to compose their responses on their computers and then cut and paste into the form.)

5. AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, click SUBMIT button to publish your paragraph.

6. Check to see entry has been successfully posted by refreshing the browser, or closing and restarting it.
(Do NOT PANIC and post the same entry twice.)

It is acceptable to respond more than the required number of times (NO EXTRA POINTS, SORRY) -- and acceptable to check other groups and respond there too, but we cannot give you any credit for those entries either.

Good luck!

Students in Pilgrim's class are assigned to one of the following groups:

(Discussion groups have been taken down)

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