Facebook Sponsored Stories tidbits

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Sponsored Stories

Build word of mouth. Naturally.
People are naturally interested in things their friends care about. That's why the News Feed is such a central part of Facebook: News Feed stories give friends an easy way to show each other what they like. Now with Sponsored Stories, you can increase the visibility of these powerful News Feed stories when they relate to your organization or business.

A note for Facebook users
Sponsored Stories are regular News Feed stories that have been promoted to the right column of Facebook, where you may be more likely to discover new things that your friends are interested in. These stories only show up for friends, so you can learn about places to go, apps to use, games to play and organizations your friends like.

Learn more about Sponsored Stories
To see how Sponsored Stories can help your app, game, place or page, explore these resources:
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Creating Marketplace Sponsored Stories in 5 easy steps

Step5 Setup your campaign budget, pricing and scheduling
You can set up your campaign budget, pricing and scheduling for Sponsored Stories the same way you would for Marketplace Ads. You can learn more about it by visiting the Guide to Facebook Ads at

Recommendation: Increase organic actions
Sponsored Stories depend on the amount of organic actions people take with your Page, Place, App or Domain. Therefore, we recommend that you use both Sponsored Stories and Facebook Ads. Your ad campaign will increase the number of actions people take with your content, while Sponsored Stories will broaden the reach of those actions. Additionally, we advise you to put social plugins on prominent locations (sic) your website and give people compelling reasons to share content from their site in order to increase the number of organic stories about your business.

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Compiled December 2011