Potpourri of media criticism --
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infographics and other items

An interview with Noam Chomsky -- a podcast by Guy Evans at smellslikehumanspirit:
Noam Chomsky on Advertising, PR, Necessary Illusions and activism

An interview Timothy Pilgrim about mass media -- a podcast by Guy Evans at smellslikehumanspirit:
Pilgrim takes down media -- necessary illusions

Another interview with Timothy Pilgrim Guy Evans at smellslikehumanspirit:
The problem of media -- and the hope

Celebrate freedom to read by exploring a banned book site:
Banned Books Week

From Youtube.com, a four-night-a-week, 10-minute, wacky "news" show that sometimes attracts more viewers (over million subscribers are young men 13 to 34) than Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace, Rachel Maddow or Jon Stewart:
The Philip DeFranco Show

From The Guardian in the UK, data about $400 billion sales of weapons and military services: who the world's top 100 arms producers are -- yes, Boeing and Lockheed Martin are big circles on a word cloud:

The world's top 100 arms producers -- from theguardian

From IBM Research and the IBM Cognnos software group, an experiment in visualization -- with participation allowed

A YouTube video looking at TV's impact on society:
How TV Ruined Your Life

In the spirit of "No Logo," some stories about Apple and Foxconn, where Apple products are made -- Foxconn also builds products for Microsoft, HP, IBM, Barnes & Noble, Dell, Intel, Sony, Panasonic and others:
Apple Foxconn -- Apple plant workers complain of militant culture & long hours
Apple Foxconn -- Don't bet on a kinder, gentler Apple
'Ethical iPhone' campaign targets Apple stores

A spoof that ties to "Killing Us Softly 4" assertions:
Fotoshop your way to slimness

Evolution of a Meme (a practice or idea that spreads from mind to mind throughout a culture) -- Lt. John Pike's pepper spray at UC Davis & the aftermath:
The original video of Pike (now listed as inappropriate & tracking those who try to view it)
Still images of Pike and the meming -- shows content of restricted videos above

Use a word cloud generator that visually represents text to help show the "framing" in a piece of writing -- say a news story, a written speech or a document (try it with the U.S. Constitution):
Word Cloud

Follow a social movement:
OccupyWallStreet -- the revolution

This story and video about a new bill that would break the Internet:
Protect IP Act breaks Internet

A video about the U.S. military budget:
A $3 Trillion story

A website about student debt (click on the map in the upper right corner):
The Project on Student Debt

Media humor from the truthdig.com website:
A Call to Consume

Showing the harm of Citizens United v. FEC from storyofstuff.org:
An animated story of corporations and democracy

Some social media opinion:

9 Surprising New Facts About Social Media in America

From the NPR Oct. 11, 2011, website, a story about costs in the music industry:
How Much Does IT Cost to Make a Hit Song?

The top 25 censored news stories of 2012-13 are now posted at Project Censored:
Project Censored: Media Democracy in Action

A trailer from missrepresentation.org with a lot of slices from J190 videos
Miss Representation -- a trailer from the film (official selection 2011 Sundance Film Festival

At the Sept. 21, 2011, International Day of Peace rally at Assumption Church, keynote speaker Rosalinda Guillen (a farmworker and rural ustice leader) said to achieve real peace and justice, it is necessary to use grassroots efforts to create a "radical peace culture," an important element of which is "speaking truth to power" (also one of the problems of mass communication when mainstream media are owned mostly by the powerful). For more information on this issue:
The Whatcom Peace & Justice Center

An article (from Shine) about ForVanity Fair and lack of diversity:
"Vanity Fair's 'New Hollywood' issue completely lacks diversity"

A clip from Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" taking Fox News to task about "fair and balanced":
Jon Stewart on Fox & "fair and balanced"

Tolerance and hate -- a site listing where tolerance lies (and also containing information such as a hate map, courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center):
10 most tolerant states in the U.S. -- and the 10 least

A WWU journalism major on an internship at Ms Magazine makes a national impact:
A 2011 Ms. Magazine infographic by WWU student Sarah Richardson

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