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Journalism 190 -- Video points & information

The facts:

Video attendance -- the specifics:
On random days that videos are show, an attendance sheet will be circulated.

Each student attending must PRINT the LAST NAME and then SIGN the first name in the appropriate alphabet section of the sheet.

Each sign-in will normally be worth at least 20 points.

NO MAKEUP POINTS GIVEN except medical/verifed emergencies (a written document required) and excused WWU activities. (Be certain to get an official document at the health center or doctor's office.)

It is ACADEMIC DISHONESTY to sign for an absent student -- see the WWU catalog about academic dishonesty (minimum penalty for sign-in fraud is 100 points & the WWU judicial process, whereby the student can be expelled from WWU).

Students should take notes on important concepts and information in each video. Required information will be announced in advance on each weekly J190 Web page. This information will be part of the three major quizzes.

Absent students may view videos (for no points but for information that will be on quizzes) in Wilson Library. All class videos are on reserve there. Many are available online as well.

Updated 2013