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Winter 2013

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Course essentials

Pilgrim is now an emeritus associate professor and no longer teaches Journalism 309.

However, this site provides a sample syllabus and useful resources. They will remain available for a time.

Sample J309 syllabus

Editing help

Online Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
A good source of word power

Webster's New World College Dictionary
The official dictionary of Associated Press and leading newspapers

An online "Elements of Style" resource
Help from a classic

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Grammar and writing mechanics help from Purdue

University of Wisconsin Writing Center help with basics
Another site with help for a dozen grammar problem areas -- and links to other help

Grammar Bytes with terms, exercises and handouts

Web and print help for editing and writing -- along with many other resources

Dow Jones Newspaper Fund editing test
Several years of internship editing test -- with answers

A site in the process of moving -- but lots of photos for use without copyright restrictions
(and a link to dreamstime, another resource of inexpensive and free photos)

A site to help in fact-checking

Taylor Mali typography
A creative Youtube video making statements about typograhy and wordiness

A tool for generating word clouds (some material will not display)

Word Cloud help
An online word-cloud generator (some material will not display)

Infographic examples from The Guardian

Statistics Every Writer Should Know
A site to assist journalists with math -- from RobertNiles.com

Cats as fonts
Clever presentation of typography

Word as Image
Creates an image out of a word -- by Ji Lee

The golden ratio

The golden mean

Color wheel and basic color schemes

Basic color theory

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