Pilgrim's Editing Visual Components --
Winter 2013

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Journalism 190
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Editing visual components
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Course essentials

Pilgrim is now an emeritus associate professor and no longer teaches Editing Visual Components.

However, this site provides a sample syllabus and useful resources. These resources will remain available here for a time -- but will become more dated.

Sample Editing Visual Components syllabus

Help for editing students

First Government
An extensive government resource by the President's Management Council

Online Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
A good source of word power

Webster's New World College Dictionary
The official dictionary of Associated Press and leading newspapers

An online "Elements of Style" resource
Help from a classic

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Grammar and writing mechanics help from Purdue

University of Wisconsin Writing Center help with basics
Another site with help for a dozen grammar problem areas -- and links to other help

Grammar Bytes with terms, exercises and handouts

Web and print help for editing and writing -- along with many other resources

Dow Jones Newspaper Fund editing test
Several years of internship editing test -- with answers

A site in the process of moving -- but lots of photos for use without copyright restrictions
(and a link to dreamstime, another resource of inexpensive and free photos)

A site to help in fact-checking

Taylor Mali typography
A creative Youtube video making statements about typograhy and wordiness

A tool for generating word clouds (some material will not display)

Word Cloud help
An online word-cloud generator (some material will not display)

Infographic examples from The Guardian

Statistics Every Writer Should Know
A site to assist journalists with math -- from RobertNiles.com

The golden ratio

The golden mean

Society of Newspaper Design

Color wheel and basic color schemes

Basic color theory

Society of Newspaper Design code of ethics

Word as Image
Creates an image out of a word -- by Ji Lee

Cats as fonts
Clever presentation of typography

Helpful Web-related material

The Web and reader use II -- Jakob Nielsen

Homepage design changes -- Jakob Nielsen

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