Choosing a nickname for Jesus

We believed it a pious thing
to do. Began with middle initials
but no one knew his full name,
or if the middle one actually began with H.

A few said G for God was nice.
Believers lobbied dutifully
for Savior, but the vote went
against them. Logic says don't name

a meat cutter, Meat Cutter.
Butcher, maybe, then only for laughs.
Cross got some votes but died
a lingering death -- lack of taste.

Those who questioned H
dismissed Junior -- also asked why
it wasn't God Junior
in the beginning. And on it went.

Lord. too British. Messiah, archaic.
J.C., corporate. Prince or Magic,
too secular, already used. Consensus
would not arrive. Desperate,

we put the task aside, chose one,
to have faith in -- nickname Father Time.
Clock Watcher raised our spirits.
Bum Ticker got us high.

Timothy Pilgrim