Going south

Turns out, the entire universe
is headed that direction.

Some scientist who broke the news
got a prize -- as if we didn't know it

all along, given our intimacy
with fall, slide, decline, gone bad.

Think of those politicians, bankers --
riffraff who have gone south,

thieves, on the run, with stolen cars,
diamonds in jars, wives, our hearts.

Pointed not east or west, but down,
away from snow -- filching sun,

beach, tequila, rum. We are left
to wonder if light coming from behind

has any hope of catching up.
Or, if rogue galaxies racing north,

suddenly, in their lane, a universe,
no chance to alter speed, swerve --

cosmic crash, splat, the middle,
Earth. Any universe going south

has big trouble -- likely pursued
by a another, jealous universe,

hurling planets, comets, suns,
cursing, firing black-hole guns.

Timothy Pilgrim