Timothy Pilgrim's poems to the 1970s

Timothy Pilgrim in his cowboy 20s  -- copyrighted photo

The woods near our home
Pilgrim's first published poem -- 6th grade class booklet

Face the Muse-ic, 1-3
Face the Muse-ic, 4-7
Face the Muse-ic, 8-11
Pilgrim's 1968-69 college poetic newspaper column (using verse to invoke the Muse to answer questions about campus and broader issues)

Memories of Ski Gulch

Poems above were all published or accepted for publication by newspapers and literary journals and anthologies -- except for one, a 6th-grade class project -- in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The photo is of Pilgrim at age 21 on a Montana cattle drive -- taken in the Smallhorn area near Dillon, Mont., by Lola or Joan Huxtable.

Updated 2016