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Welcome to Pilgrim's poetry.

By mid-2018, more than 420 of his poems had been accepted or published. Fifty-two of them were published or accepted in 2017.

To see all Pilgrim's poems, including unpublished ones, click on his site:
Published and accepted poems there are accompanied by one of his photos.

Pilgrim's book of about 33 poems, Mapping water (2016), is also available to be ordered online at Flying Trout Press, a nonprofit publisher.

A 2014 book of poetry, Bellingham Poems, co-authored by Pilgrim and poets Paul Piper and Chuck Luckmann, is available there as well.

Linked below are 70 of Pilgrim's older poems published or accepted by literary journals (print and/or online), anthologies and other publications

Sample this published Pilgrim poem:


Just when I thought
it couldn't get any better

she brought out the chicken
and, boy,

could she serve

(published by Caper Literary Journal and Bellingham Herald)

Selected Pilgrim published poems, 2012-14

(publishing journals in parentheses)

Airport security (Urban Resistance)
Arm bared (Three Line Poetry)
Anemone (Cirque)
Angle of repose (Thick with Conviction -- republished from Idaho's Poetry: A Centennial Anthology and Trestle Creek Review)
Breathing lesson (The Curious Record)
Breathing snow (Sue Boynton Poetry Contest winner, 2013)
Breathing snow (Thick With Conviction, republished from Sue Boynton Poetry Contest)

Cast away at Larrabee Beach (Labyrinth)
Centering(Farthermost Dream)
Chicken (Bellingham Herald, republished from Caper Literary Journal)
Choosing a nickname for Jesus (Electric Windmill Press)
Choppy water (Cirque)
Congratulations on your breast implants (Urban Reisistance)

Dashboard savior (Madswirl)
Destined to rhyme (Thick with Conviction -- republished from Trestle Creek Review)
Dweeb scarfs down yellow thing on a stick (Hobo Pancakes)
Faint memories of a beekeeper's daughther (Windfall)
Fire licks the canyon rim (Windfall)
Exhalation (Mastodon Dentist)
Expect no rescue from a Cyclops with delicate hands (Shadow Road Quarterly)
Exploding mosquitos (Poetry Quarterly)

Fab Four failure (Poetry Quarterly)
Gerunds running down my leg (Trestle Creek Review)
Going south (Electric Windmill Press)
Grim reaper (Convergence: an online journal of poetry and art)
Head bowed, tweeting (Three Line Poetry)
Higgs Boson particle (Electric Windmill Press)
Hoarding (Electric Windmill Press)
Hope (Mastodon Dentist)

Invisible (Still Crazy)
Ken Burns effect (Poetry Quarterly)
The leaving (Convergence: an online journal of poetry & art)
Left for dead (Urban Resistance)
Life benedict (WWURA News)
Love that operates (Hobo Pancakes)

Martha's Cafe (Trestle Creek Review)
Mercy-killing marriage (Madswirl)
Minoan moment (Madswirl)
Not alone (The Curious Record)
On guard (Hobo Pancakes)
On my gravestone (Electric Windmill Press)
Oregon coast rainbow birthing (WWWURA NEWS)

Painting the soul (Cirque)
Pawnshop (Thick with Conviction -- republished from Jeopardy)
Pee hate (Bat Terrier)
Plotting romance (Kumquat Poetry Challenge)
Posse of angels (The Curious Record)
Quid pro quo(Farthermost Dream)

Red sky at night (Madswirl)
Reliving Vietnam at the Dillon, Montana, class reunion (Trestle Creek Review)
Reprise for hope (Tribute to Orpheus -- Kearney Street Books)
Rescue mission (Whatcom Magazine -- Bellingham Herald)
Six ounces late (Farthermost Dream)
Smudging (Whatcom Writes Anthology)
Smudging (Thick With Conviction, republished from Whatcom Writes Anthology)
Stick horses (Cirque)
SWAG (Urban Reisistance)

Table-side magic (Carnival Magazine)
The end (The Curious Record)
Things are well and going good (Public Republic)
300 streams of memory (Cirque)
Too fat to hang (Convergence: an online journal of poetry & art)
Tweet from the third pew (Hobo Pancakes)
Two dogs, one stick (The Curious Record)

Unknown cliches (Carnival Magazine)
Verbal agreement (The Curious Record)
Vow (Kumquat Poetry Challenge winner, 2013)
Warning (Electric Windmill Press)
Water birthing (Windfall)
Yes, yes, oh, yes (Madswirl)

Published poems NOT linked above include such titles as "Wrong a lot," "No mending love," "Fake dreams," "Yellowstone recital," "If God searches your room," "I cannot do the splits," "Mapping water," "Stick horses" and "Out of Missoula."

Other intriguing choices include "No giving up," "Horses, whiskey, ropes," "Hawking holy books," "If hope were a shriek in the night," "Too much gossamer," "Gestapo glaciers," "Orphan" and "Zigzag mowing."

All are available at TimothyPilgrim.org. Once there, click on Pilgrim published poems and make a selection (for example, 2018).

A few of Pilgrim's early published poems

Publishing journals are listed in parentheses after poems linked above -- Google them for other fine creative work. (Poems may be listed more than once because they have been republished in another journal or anthology.)

The photo above is a self-portrait of Timothy Pilgrim and Carolyn Dale posing on the slopes of Mount Baker.

If you have feedback, please contact Pilgrim using the email address on his home page.

Pilgrim's poems have been accepted by journals, periodicals and anthologies, such as Bellingham Poems (Flying Trout Press, 2014); Weathered Pages: The Poetry Pole (Blue Begonia Press); Idaho's Poetry: A Centennial Anthology (University of Idaho Press); Tribute to Orpeheus 2 (Kearney Street Books): Cirque; Public Republic; Poetry Quarterly; Candidum; Canary; The Meadowland Review; Shadow Road Quarterly; Carnival Magazine; Windfall; Words-Myth; Seattle Review; Trestle Creek Review; Jeopardy; Hobo Pancakes, My Favorite Bullet; The Curious Record; Still Crazy; Carcinogenic Poetry; Convergence; Literary Chaos; Caper Literary Journal; Heavy Hands Ink; Labyrinth; The Tipton Poetry Journal; Quaint Canoe; Farthermost Dream; The Dirty Napkin; Apathy is Easy; Poets for Living Waters; Bathyspheric Review; 13 Miles from Cleveland; Momo Review; Wescolite; Bellingham Herald; thenumberfive, Three Line Poetry, Thick with Conviction, Everyday Other Things, Urban Resistance, WWURA (Western Washington University Retirement Association) NEWS; Critical Perspectives on Accounting; SQJAET; Mastodon Dentist; Burnt Bridge; Blinking Cursor; Bat Terrier; Reflections; The Kumquat Challenge; Sue Boynton Poetry Contest; Whatcom Writes Anthology (published in 2013 and 2015); National Poetry Anthology; NitTwitts: A Collection of Twitter Length Poems; Third Wednesday; and San Pedro River Review. Many poems have been republished in collections or in other literary journals (for example, To Exxon in Trestle Creek Review, 1990 and Canary, in 2014).

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