Quid pro quo

Wasps lie in wait, ambush baby fruit flies
near ripening peaches, plums, grapes.

They inject prey with eggs --
and not by using stingers.

Wasps within, feeding on them,
the tiny flies buzz off, woozy, beeline

to nearest brandy snifter,
slip over the rim, crawl down in,

sip a bit, swim. They know alcohol
kills drunks, politicians and wasps.

One whiff of good stuff will do. Some
hang out in a Hennessy's glass for hours

on pretense of ridding themselves of wasps.
Rumor has it Iranians are training brigades

of fruit flies. To counter this threat,
wasps in formation have been seen

careening low over Los Alamos,
egg guns sewn to gossamer wings.

Timothy Pilgrim